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Art Inspired by Faith and Nature

Hello i am a Colorado Artist, My paintings focus on Life, Love, Faith, God, Death,Angels,Fantasy, Nature, Ocean Elements, and Landscape Scenes. I also paint portraits and nudes. The mediums i use include, Oil, Watercolor, Pen & Ink, and Pastel. I also have some mixed media paintings fro sale, some of them incorporate things from nature such as stone, shells, and other natural elements.

Artist Statement:

Those who speak in spiritual terms routinely refer to God as creator, but seldom see ‘creator’ as the literal term for ‘artist’. I am suggesting you take the term ‘creator’ quite literally. You are seeking to forge a creative alliance, artist-to-artist, with the Great Creator God.

My website includes both prints and original artwork available for purchase. 

Most of my original artwork includes free shipping and handling. Many original paintings include frame shown. If you have any questions feel free to send me a chat message. .