Ezekiels Vision

Here is my latest mixed media painting. This was by far the most challenging, and unique painting I have created. This is a mixed media artwork using, Lapis Stones, Amethyst Crystals, Oil Paint on a Birchwood artist panel 18 X 24. The semi precious stones were cut and polished to integrate with painting. The theme depicts Ezekiel's vision of God! This is my rendition of what Ezekiel might have seen. If you are interested you can check out his description of vision in Ezekiel 1:28. The Angels in painting are both Cherubim, and Seraphim.  The Seraphim is the highest angel in hiearchy. an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.  Definition of seraphim 2 singular, plural seraphim : one of the 6-winged angels standing in the presence of God.  The Seraphim are painted next to god, which is there rightful  position. The Cherubim are the 4 Angels in the lower quadrant of painting. cherubim (plural noun) a winged angelic being described in biblical tradition as attending on God. It is represented in ancient Middle Eastern art as a lion or bull with eagles' wings and a human face, and regarded in traditional Christian angelology as an angel of the second highest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy. The complete painting gives me a vision of what Ezekiel is speaking about. I love painting angels for they give me a sense of peace and bring me closer to God. This painting is a one of a kind original and took me over a month to complete.  I am in the process of creating another painting related to Ezekiel's vision, it should be complete Feb. 2020. 

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Ezekiels Vision

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