New Painting! "Immanuel Lord and Savior"

Immanuel or Emmanuel means "God is with us" I wanted to paint another version of Jesus, for during these trying times, he is the only one who I can count on. Gods message, is so important to Christians when we have so many people sickened and dying.

This is a original artwork, painted with watercolor and Ink.

Christ reassures His followers that faith in Him is faith in God. To know Christ is to know ''the way, and the truth, and the life'' (John 14:6). The words, actions, and miracles of Jesus should give Christians confidence to trust that He will make good on

Jesus also predicts the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This is only available to believers, and this Helper acts to guide, teach, and remind us. Both for the disciples, and for future Christians, these words are meant to be comforting during hard times. Since Christ knew, in advance, what would happen, we can be even more confident to trust Him.

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