This is a painting of Angel Jophiel. "The beauty of God" She is here to help you see and create beauty in life.  This painting came from a very old image created in the 1800's, I added the wieighing of souls. For many angels are responsible for escorting souls to heaven. 

11 X 14 Oil and Pastel on pastel paper. Original painting. 


In art, Archangel Michael is often portrayed weighing souls of people on scales. This popular way of depicting heaven’s top angel illustrates Michael’s role helping faithful people on Judgment Day – when the Bible says God will judge every human’s good and bad deeds at the end of the world. Since Michael will play a key role on Judgment Day and is also the angel who supervises human deaths and helps escort souls to heaven, believers say, Michael’s image weighing souls on scales of justice began to show up in early Christian art as artists incorporated Michael into the concept of someone weighing souls, which originated in ancient Egypt.

Archangel Jophiel


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