Here is my latest watercolor & Ink painting. I call it "Burrowing-Owl". These creatures are amazing and a endangered species. You can spot them in certain states in North America. We have these birds in Colorado on the eastern plains.  This is a beautiful watercolor of a Burrowing owl on rotten tree. The picture is professionally mounted on birch wood panel. 8 X 10, unframed. You can hang painting on wall, or frame it if you choose. 


Owl History:

The shortgrass prairies of eastern Colorado are the summer home to Western burrowing owls, which prefer open, treeless fields.

Typically, the owls are found where burrows exist on vacant lots, farm fields and pastures, cemeteries, golf courses, fields surrounding airports and other open spaces.

They catch prey with their talons, and insects are a primary target. They also eat rodents and snakes, as well as scorpions and amphibians.

They are monogamous and mate in early April. In their burrow nests, they will raise three to 11 nestlings. When the young owls reach two months old they begin to fend for themselves.