Cherubim - a winged angelic being described in biblical tradition as attending on God. It is represented in ancient Middle Eastern art as a lion or bull with eagles' wings and a human face, and regarded in traditional Christian angelology as an angel of the second highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy. 

The Lion represents Christ as Messiah, Mighty King. King of Animal kingdom. 

The Oxen Christ as servant. Oxen is a symbol of strength & power.

The Man Christ as Man,  Symbol of Wisdom, Intlligence and understanding.

The Eagle - Christ as God signal of power and glory, able to soar to heavens. 


Message of Cherubm 

* Reverance 

* Respect

* Awe

This is my latest painting of a Cherubim which is one of the highest angels in the Angel Hiearchy. The painting is 24 X 18 Orginal Oil on Canvas. The painting has a lot of Allegory messages. I like the color and the eyes on the body. The image was as described in Ezekiel 1:14 It is quite a stunning painting. 

Cherubim Angel