Artist Description:

I have been wanting to paint this powerful Christian symbol. The Crucifixion of Christ, my lord and savior.

I wanted to express the agony, and suffering that god went through and convey the message. Christ loves you, and gave his life so that all who believe will have eternity in heaven with our lord and savior. 

Most importantly, God will be in heaven and He wants to be your friend. He wants to dwell with you and wipe away all your tears. During this horrible pandemic it is nice to focus on positive inspiring messages.  


This painting is one of a kind! Inspirational religous painting created in Watercolor, Pen & Ink. 11 X 14 on Arches watercolor board, includes frame, either brown or silver as shown in images.  I love the colors of blues, and grey in background. 



Jesus' crucifixion was a horribly painful and disgraceful form of capital punishment used in the ancient world. This method of execution involved binding the victim's hands and feet and nailing them to a cross of wood.

Definition of Crucifixion

The word "crucifixion" (pronounced krü-se-fik-shen) comes from the Latin crucifixio, or crucifixus, which means "fixed to a cross." In Roman crucifixion, a person's hands and feet were driven through with stakes and secured to a wooden cross.


Different Forms of Crucifixion

Detailed descriptions of crucifixions are few, perhaps because secular historians could not bear to describe the gruesome events of this horrible practice. However, archaeological finds from first century Palestine have shed a great deal of light on this early form of the death penalty. Four basic structures or types of crosses were used for crucifixion: Crux Simplex (a single upright stake), Crux Commissa (a capital T-shaped structure), Crux Decussata (an X-shaped cross), and Crux Immissa (the familiar lower case t-shaped structure of Jesus' crucifixion).

The Crucifixion of Jesus Bible Story Summary

Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, died on a Roman cross as recorded in Matthew 27:27-56, Mark 15:21-38, Luke 23:26-49, and John 19:16-37. Christian theology teaches that Christ's death provided the perfect atoning sacrifice for the sins all humankind, thus making the crucifix, or cross, one of the defining symbols of Christianity.

Christ Crucifixion


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