Here is my latest faith based paintingl. I call it "Christ the Redeemer". The allegory message is clear, Jesus died for our sins, so all who believe in him will have life eternal. The other message is Jesus overcomes evil and satan.  I like the image of the snake wrapped around the earth, this signifies all the evil that exists on earth today. Jesus is stepping on the head of snake, while he holds down satan with his rod in hand. 


Christ's death as a sacrifice, as a substitutionary punishment for our sins, and as the payment that canceled the debt of sin. It unfolds how Christ's life, death, resurrection, and ascension were effective because, as God's only begotten Son, Jesus was humble and obedient to the Father in completing his redeeming work. Finally, the implications of the redemption are unveiled, as it gives the victory over death and new life in Christ.

Original Oil, one of a kind painting. 11 X 14 comes framed on Canvas Board  as shown. 

Christ the Redeemer

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