Here is a beautiful painting i recently completed, It's  part of my "Fantasy Painting Series", I will be adding more in the future  and they will relate to "The Wizard of OZ" and "Alice and Wonderland". The  two of my favorite fantasy books growing up. This picture is called "Dorothy and Toto Heading home", it is a 11 X 14 image, watercolor painting,  painting includes gold frame shown, behind glass to protect image from dirt and fading. 

This is a unique one of a kind painting by artist. The scene depicts Dorothy looking towards the farm, as she wanders thru wheat, with dog Toto following.  I love the picture for it depicts much simpler time's, of farmhouse and girl with dog.  I also love the big sky and ominous clouds. "There is no place like home" 

There is no place like home.


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