Here is the latest in my fantasy painting series. This is a tribute to John Tenniel, he was a great illustrator in the 19th century. By adding color, and different characters, to  original black and white drawings, it adds a different prespective.  The picture is of Alice, considering if she should drink potion on table.

The Chesshire cat is looking thru the window and contemplating Alice's decision.  The painting is Watercolor and Pen & Ink, 9 X 12 on watercolor board. The white matte is included. This is a original work of art, signed by artist. 



The White Rabbit is the main reason why Alice ended up in Wonderland.  Her curiosity about this creature that wears a waistcoat and holds a pocket watch, sparked her curiosity.  He is always in a hurry and seemed always nervous.  


As she falls through the earth she doesn’t feel terror, she thinks, she talks to herself and analyses what is happening and may happen. She is prepared to give as good as she gets in arguments with pigeons, caterpillars, frog footmen, smiling cats and red and white queens. Her main emotion is trying to make sense against increasing odds.”

Drink Me

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