Here is my latest nature, wildlife painting. I call this "Macaw Jungle" I reminds me of times spent in the jungle of Costa Rica. These are majical looking birds! You are privileged to see one in the wild.

This is a 10 X 10.5 watercolor, acrylic, ink painting. The painting comes mounted on acid free, board, ready for customer to frame, Comes with precut Mat as shown. Unique one of a kind original painting,  wildlife, nature, watercolor painting.


The macaw is often a symbol of sacred union and lasting relationships. This idea is rooted in the fact that the macaw forms a pair bond and mates for life. The lifespan of a macaw can reach 80 years. Along with breeding, macaws also share food with their mates and enjoy mutual grooming.Jul 5, 2019



Mackaw Symbolism:

Macaw symbolizes rising, flair, and visibility.

Macaws are bright, bold, and loud! It’s time to unapologetically show off your unique qualities. No more hiding.

You have a skilled communicator and performer within you. Your unique flair and skills plant the seeds of inspiration in others.

We need to see you being your full self to help sprout something new within us.

Keep rising higher and higher. You are never “too much”.

Macaw can teach you how to use your uniquely intense colors (skills) to create a new vision for yourself and others.

Macaw Jungle

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