Here is my latest encaustic mixed media artwork. I call this "Mademoiselle Emita". Emita is the name of one of my most favorite wines. This work incorporates two things i love, wine, and drawing. I was drawing,  and sketching out the model, and drinking this wine. I had a epiphany, and decided to incorporate love of wine, and art. The labels are from the one of my favorite bottles, the corks are also from my favorite wines. The sketch is a original graphite, and ink,  of a nude model, I love this pose, and the lines, its a very strong drawing. The artwork is mounted on a 9 X 12 Birchwood panel, mediums used are as follows: Wax, Oil Paint, Gold Leaf, Cork, Wool, and wine labels. The sketch was done on transparent paper, using graphite, and ink. This is one of my best encaustic mixed media original art works, a truly one of a kind! 

Mademoiselle Emita


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