This is a watercolor painting of Maddonna with Christ child and Goldfinch. This is a tribute to eighteen century painter "Giovanni Battista Tiepolo". I wanted to paint this for it is a very important christian painting, with many allegory symbols.  It is a beautiful  9 X 12 watercolor painting of the Virgin mary with Christ as a Child, holding a pet Goldfinch. To me it represents Christ's destiny and his ressurection.  The painting comes with frame shown to protect image from dirt, and fading. 

Medium Watercolor, Pen and Ink. Comes with frame shown under glass!


Allegory Message:   Eighteenth century Venetian painters tended to use high keyed, muted colors, possibly reflecting the current vogue for pastels.According to legend, the goldfinch acquired the red spot on its brow when it removed a thorn from Christ's head during his ascent to Calvary, and was splashed with a drop of blood. Its inclusion in images of the Madonna and Child is, therefore, a symbol of Christ's future Passion. Furthermore, the goldfinch was a medieval symbol of protection against the plague.

Spiritual Meaning

The goldfinch affinity to thorny plants provides an important connection between these birds and Christianity. Legend has it that a goldfinch saw Jesus as he carried the cross on his way to Calvary while wearing the crown of thorns. The bird felt sorry that he flew on top of the wooden cross and tried desperately to take off the crown’s thorns, wherein drops of Jesus’ blood dripped over the bird’s head which is the reason why goldfinches have red spots on their heads. In addition, they are often included in Christian paintings to symbolize resurrection.

Madonna with Christ Child

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