Here is my latest fantasy mixed media painting. I call it "Mermaid Clan".  The painting depicts dolphins swimming along with mermaid. Dolphins travel long distances each day, sometimes swimming in a straight line for a hundred miles, other times remaining in a certain area for hours or days, moving several miles along a coastline and then turning to retrace their path.

This painting is a mixed media 10 X 10.5, unframed, mounted on acid free cardboard. Customer can choose frame to match home decor. Original, unique artwork.



Avoid Swim with Dolphins Tourist Attractions:

 In some facilities, pregnant females have been overworked. Some dolphins are contained in small pools, often surrounded by jagged, rusty fences or located near sewage outfalls. They may be fed rotten fish, and have been known to suffer from disease and starvation. Regions that have seen an explosion in the growth of these programs include the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Mermaid Clan

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