Here is some unique encaustic artwork paintings I recently completed. These are lodge or cabin art pieces.  The purchase price includes both paintings, They look rustic, for they were designed to look this way. The images are from my recent paintings of moose and bear in nature,  the images are  transferred to log via burnishing technique, india ink is applied to enhance the image color and composition.  The logs which are sliced  and  treated with encaustic gesso, are the support structure for artwork. then the image is transferred, and painted, once paint dries, the encaustic layers of wax are added to fuse the image to the surface. These images look surreal, for they are incased in layers of wax. This  artwork is definitely a impressionistic view of nature. Each log slice is 5 X 5 X .05. You can hang artwork on wall, or use them as coasters in kitchen. They are impervous to moisture, and dirt.  Encaustic artwork has been around since 200 B.C. many paintings are still in pristine condition. The Wax medium used is beeswax and damar.  Each ingredient is derived from nature. Dammar, also spelled damar, or dammer, any of a variety of hard varnish resins obtained from coniferous and hardwood trees characteristic of Southeast and East Asia. Beeswax is obtained from Bee's.  The work involved to creat these unique one of a kind artwork paintings is substantial, but the reward is it is one of a kind piece of artwork, unique in every way. 

Moose and Bear