Here is my latest Architectural watercolor painting. I call this "Paris De Notre Dame". I competed this while taking a Archtecture painting course. Some of the instructors paintings look like photos, I seem to have my own style, and can never get paintings to look like a photo. I guess its good, for is art not unique, to each persons view and prespective of the world. Look at some of the famous painters "Picasso, Lautrec, Van Gogh," all had a very unique talent, and specific style. This is a beautiful painting of "Norte Dame Church" 11 X 14, on Arches Watercolor paper, all paints used for this watercolor are of highest quality, transparent, and metal colors were incorporated in picture. I like the result, of sun streaming thru  the bridge and onto the church.  This is a one of a kind original painting, which comes with frame shown, under glass to protect painting from dirt and fading.

Paris De Notre Dame


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