Here is my latest in  fantasy series of paintings. This is a tribute to a great illustrator John Tenniel. I wanted to enhance and change some of his drawings, of Alice and Wonderland. I have always loved these drawings, but wanted to add depth, and color to images. I also changed the landscape and background.  I think the color really brings life, and a different prespective to these drawings.

My hope is that it will inspire children and adults to read, and enjoy these great books, and understand the life lessons that they impart.

This painting was done in Pen & Ink and Watercolor. 9 X 12 on Acid free watercolor board, Original Artwork, Signed, Unframed


Speak when you're spoken to!' the Queen sharply interrupted her.

'But if everybody obeyed that rule,' said Alice, who was always ready for a little argument, 'and if you only spoke when you were spoken to, and the other person always waited for you to begin, you see nobody would ever say anything, so that—'

'Ridiculous!' cried the Queen. 'Why, don't you see, child—' here she broke off with a frown, and, after thinking for a minute, suddenly changed the subject of the conversation. 'What do you mean by "If you really are a Queen"? What right have you to call yourself so? You can't be a Queen, you know, till you've passed the proper examination. And the sooner we begin it, the better.'

Red Queen Scolding Alice