Here is my latest painting related to the Covid19 pandemic. I call it "Redemption Angel Covid19" The image has several allegory mesages, Faith, God, and Trust.  The image depicts a woman being saved by Archangel Michael, as she is swept up towards heaven, she releases all of her mental anguish caused by this evil disease. The pandemic is one of the worst disasters that happened in this century. It has caused, death, sickness, hunger, job loss, depression, anxiety and fear! When something this devastating occurs the only thing to rely on is faith. If you are a christian and have faith in god, you will be saved and protected. I pray for the sick and dying. 


The painting is a 11 X 14 watercolor & Pen and Ink, on Arches Watercolor Board. This painting comes framed with frame shown. The painting is under glass to protect from dirt, and damage. This is a unique one of a kind painting by artist. It will be on display at the COVID19 virutual museum as well. 

Redemption Angel Covid19

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