Here is the latest of my fantasy paintings, I call it "Somewhere over the Rainbow". The painting depicts Dorothy and Toto on  the Kansas farm. The image was from the actual movie of Judy Garland singing the most famous song "Over the Rainbow". I loved this movie, it has many deeper meanings to  the author, in fact much of the story was about his life, and the struggle his family and relatives had growing up during the depression,  of course the  Characters he made up from his imagination, or he used his niece for ideas, for growing up in the Badlands, she invented a make believe character called Dorthy and a make believe dog called Toto.  

My interpretation of the allegory message here is: If you believe there is a better place where people live in peace, and the earth and land are beautiful, and you are with loved ones, you can always have hope.


The painting is watercolor and pencil on 9 X 12 watercolor board, the picture comes with white matte shown.  The matte cuts off some of the picture, so view all photos without matte to get a better view of painting.

This is a original artwork depicting scene from the famous move "The Wizard of OZ"

Somewhere over the Rainbow

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