Here is my latest encaustic painting. I call this "Sunrise at Banzai Pipline" This painting took over a month to complete, many layers of oil  paint, damar,  and bee's wax are  used to create this painting.  Encaustic artwork is one of the oldest forms of painting, the artist uses several tools to create  each artwork. Some tools used to create this painting are, blow torch, heatgun, iron, and pallete knifes, brushes. The wax, damar and  oil paint, are fused together by heat. Each painting is unique, and one of a kind. Encaustic painting uses natural products bee's wax, and damar, "damar is made from tree sap".  This painting was done on a handmade cradle board it is large - 18 X 24,  encaustic gesso is added, and finally the paint and wax and damar are added. It takes many layers of wax, gesso, damar and paint to complete the project. I love the color of the Ocean, the Pipeline wave and the sun streaming thru the pipeline wave as a surfer exits.  This is a large artwork painting, works well in living room or family room.  Encaustic paintings are one of the oldest painting methods, there are encaustic works over 2000 years old!


Banzai Pipline Info:

The reef at Pipe is a flat tabletop reef, with several caverns on the inside, creating a giant air bubble that pops on the front of the wave when the wave lurches upwards just before breaking. There are also several jagged, underwater lava spires that can injure fallen surfers. Sand can accumulate on the reef at Pipeline, and that can cause waves to "close out" (meaning the hollow tube of the wave collapses all at once and thus is impossible to surf).

Sunrise at Banzai Pipeline

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