Here is a tribute to Carel Fabritus. The Goldfinch has deep symbolic messages to Christianity. 

A little bird with a story. Why is there a goldfinch in a painting of Mary and Jesus?

The answer lies in the story of Jesus's crucifixion when a goldfinch came and pulled a thorn-a thistle- from the crown of thorns on his head. Jesus's blood turned its face red. This is how the goldfinch got its distinctive red "mask" and became a symbol for the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The symbolism also appears in other paintings; Jesus as a toddler, playing with a golfinch. He is depicted as a child and Saviour simultaneously.

In his original study of the Goldfinch in European art, the ornithologist Herbert Friedmann (1946:7-9) wrote that this bird has several symbolic meanings ascribed to it. The four principal symbolic meanings all link up to important biblical things including: the soul, sacrifice, death, and Resurrection.

I wanted to paint this beautiful painting, for its allegory messages, and what it means to Christians. 

It also represents loneliness and isolation, a prisoner to his perch, chained, and not able to fly!

This is a unique one of a kind original painted by artist, it is 11 X 14 on Arches watercolor board, includes frame shown to protect this unique, symbolic, painting.  Watercolor pen & ink. 

The Goldfinch